AnchorHere is all You have to Know About the Brazilian Butt-Lift (Fat Transfer) Procedure

For those curious about more lasting results than exercise alone, here, learn more about the Brazilian butt lift procedure and how to find a reputable provider who safely fulfills the procedure.

AnchorHow Do Brazilian Butt Lifts Work?

Brazilian butt lifts increase the fullness of your backside by transferring fat from your abdomen to your buttocks.

Fat grafting is a critical component of a Brazilian butt lift, and the results are natural-looking. Here is how the procedure works:

  1. Anchor Anesthesia

Anesthesia is usually required for the procedure, but only local anesthesia will suffice if only a small volume of fat is transferred. Before your appointment, ask for anti-nausea medication, especially if you are feeling sick after anesthesia.

  1. Anchor Liposuction

Following this, your surgeon will use liposuction to remove fat from other body parts such as your hips, thighs, and stomach. During liposuction, incisions are made in the skin, and a tube removes fat from the body.

  1. Anchor Buttocks Injection

You are now ready to inject buttocks with the purified fat that was so recently removed from your body.

  1. Anchor Fat Injection

To create a more rounded, entire appearance, your surgeon injects the processed fat into specific areas of the buttocks. The procedure involves three to five incisions around the bottom of the buttocks.

  1. Anchor Stitching

Fat transfer and liposuction surgeries both require stitches to close up the incisions. To minimize bleeding risk, your surgeon then employs a compression garment on the affected areas.

AnchorBenefits of Brazilian Butt-lift Surgery

In contrast to other forms of buttock surgery, such as placing silicone implants, a Brazilian butt lift promises to provide more natural-looking results while also making your backside more round.

Also, it can be beneficial for addressing sagging and shapelessness, which is sometimes associated with aging.

Also, you might want to consider this procedure if you have trouble wearing clothes comfortably due to figure imbalances.

Brazilian buttock lifts have another advantage over silicone buttock implants-there is a lower risk of infection. This substance has a higher safety profile than other substances, such as silicone caulks and sealants, which are sometimes illegally utilized by people who are not qualified to perform it.

AnchorSide Effects of Brazilian Butt-lift

Compared to other procedures, such as silicone buttock implants, a Brazilian butt lift may be less risky. It is still possible to experience severe side effects with this procedure, as with any surgery. The following are possible complications: infection, scarring, pain, lumps under the skin in the suctioned or injected areas, loss of skin in the treated areas due to severe disease, and fat embolism in the heart or lungs.

According to current reports, one death is reported every three thousand Brazilian butt lifts. By performing the procedure incorrectly, fat will be injected into the large veins in the buttocks, traveling to the lungs. Respiratory distress results, eventually resulting in death.

The grafted fat does not get absorbed correctly by the buttocks, which is another side effect. There is some breakdown and absorption of the injected fat by the body. If your surgery is performed incorrectly, it can require you to undergo one or two additional procedures.

A surgeon will insert extra fat when performing the first procedure to minimize this risk.

AnchorComparison Between Before and After

Would you like to see what a Brazilian butt-lift looks like? You may also want to look at the provider’s portfolio to see what they are capable of.

AnchorRecovering Brazilian Butt-Lift and Their Prospects

Like anything else you would do after cosmetic surgery, you will need to take special care after a Brazilian butt-lift. For two weeks following surgery, you may not sit or stand on your butt, and you must sleep on your side until the wound completely heals.

While you’re recovering from surgery, you may experience swelling in your buttocks for several weeks.

This surgery has a lasting effect that lasts several months to years.

At first, you may need to undergo more than one procedure to achieve your desired results. Depending on the initial procedure, there may also be a six-month wait before you see the final results. By maintaining a stable weight, you can help ensure a successful outcome.

AnchorBrazil’s Butt-Lift Price

As of 2020, a buttock lift will cost about $6,500, and buttock implants will cost about $4,860. The average price per procedure is based only on surgeon fees – it is essential to factor in other expenses, such as hospital stays, anesthesia, and following-up care.

You should be careful about “cheap” procedures that seem too good to be true. Please make sure you conduct thorough research on your cosmetic surgeon and that they are board-certified.

Insurers generally do not cover Brazilian butt-lifts since they don’t consider them medically necessary. Working with your provider ahead of time will allow you to determine all costs involved and determine whether payment plans are available. Alternatively, you may be able to get financing.

Also, make sure you allow yourself time to recover, which can mean taking a week off from work.

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AnchorDoes a Brazilian Butt-Lift Suit You?

Brazilian butt-lift can be very effective, but you should consult with a cosmetic surgeon first. The cosmetic surgeon might approve the procedure if:

  • A change in your weight or age has led to a loss of your natural shape
  • Clothing makes you uncomfortable
  • Grafting fat from your hips and other areas will work as you have enough fat stores
  • You do not smoke
  • Your weight is healthy
  • You follow a healthy lifestyle in general, including regular exercise
  • Neither infection nor complication from the surgery has occurred in recent times

AnchorComparison of Brazilian Butt-lift with Sculptra Butt-lift, Silicone Implants, and Liposuction

The popularity of Brazilian butt-lift is increasing, but this does not mean that your options are limited to this procedure. You may want to discuss the following alternatives with your provider:

AnchorSculptra Butt-Lift

The skin naturally loses volume with age resulting in natural aging effects, so dermal fillers are used. Generally, fillers are used to fill in facial wrinkles. However, your surgeon may also use them along with a Brazilian butt lift to add maximum volume. However, Sculptra injections in the buttocks are regarded as off-label use by the FDA.

AnchorSilicone Butt Implants

In this method, silicone implants will be placed in your buttocks. Even though the two methods are sometimes combined, the procedure is far more invasive than a Brazilian butt lift. You will likely need to have the process done again later in the future after you receive silicone implants.


Sometimes a surgeon will recommend the removal of excess fat in the gluteal area to make the area look more round. This procedure aims to remove fat rather than transfer it, as in a Brazilian butt-lift.

Avoid injecting silicone or hydrogel for butt-lift. These injections do not produce the same results. Additionally, the FDATrusted Source cautioned against their use because of reports of severe side effects and deaths.

AnchorA Guide to Finding A Provider

You need to determine their credentials and experience before you choose a provider.

Many providers offer consultations where you can learn about their qualifications and board certifications. In addition to a portfolio of pictures showing examples of their work, they should have an acceptable resume.

When it comes to this, you have to trust your gut. Providing the procedure at a meager cost is not necessarily a sign that the provider is a genuine surgeon.

Search for a provider on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery if you can’t find one.

AnchorWhat to Remember

United States consumers are becoming increasingly interested in Brazilian butt-lift surgeries. Choosing a surgeon who is board-certified and experienced will increase your chances of success. Make sure you’re prepared in advance and familiar with the process, costs, and recovery time.

Despite being a trendy procedure, the Brazilian butt-lift isn’t suitable for everyone. Be sure to discuss your desired outcomes and your medical history with your surgeon. The method you choose may be recommended by them or something that better suits your needs.